Readers ask: Bali Sarong How To Wear?

How do men wear a sarong in Bali?

Men’s Sarongs

  1. Hold sarong horizontally behind body with more length on right side.
  2. Fold left side over to center of stomach.
  3. Bring right end around to cover center and hold with right hand.
  4. Fold excess back over hand to form a pleat.
  5. Secure by rolling waistband over 3 to 6 times.

Why do Balinese wear sarongs?

The cloth keeps the spirit and its energy inside and also protects the people from being disturbed by the spirit. And because the special cloth is the symbol of balance, the locals will treat it with a lot of respect.

How do you wear a traditional sarong?

2. Halter Dress

  1. Hold the sarong vertically in front of you.
  2. Tie the top 2 corners around the back of your neck.
  3. Tie a double knot to secure.
  4. Create a keyhole by twisting the sarong in front.
  5. Gather the 2 edges at your waist.
  6. Wrap them around your back.
  7. Tie a double knot to secure.

How do you wear a sarong step by step?

Step 1: Either step into the sarong or draw it over your head. Hold the top open at waist level. Step 2: Pull the sarong tight against one side of your body, and stretch the sarong out away from your other side. Step 3: Draw the excess cloth back across the front of your body, pulling it tightly up against your waist.

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Do guys wear sarongs?

Sarongs are commonly worn on both men and women around the world, particularly in tropical areas in and around Southeast Asia. Men usually wear a longer sarong than women, even on hot summer days, and they wear it only below the waist.

Where are sarongs worn?

A sarong or sarung (/səˈrɒŋ/); is a large tube or length of fabric, often wrapped around the waist, worn in Southeast Asia, Southern Asia, Western Asia, Northern Africa, East Africa, West Africa and on many Pacific islands.

Is there a dress code in Bali?

Dress and act modestly. When paying a visit to a Balinese temple, both men and women are expected to wear shirts that cover shoulders and part of the upper arms. Flip-flops are perfectly acceptable, so long as the overall look is modest.

What is the traditional dress of Indonesia?

The kebaya is the national costume of women from Indonesia, although it is more accurately endemic to the Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese peoples. It is sometimes made from sheer material such as silk, thin cotton or semi-transparent nylon or polyester, adorned with brocade or floral pattern embroidery.

What sarong means?

This is my red and gold sarong that my grandma made for me. The object that represents my family’s cultural identity is a garment that is made from a special cloth that is wrapped around your body and tucked either around your waist or underarms, which is called a sarong (pronounced sah-rung).

How do you wear a long sarong?


  1. Fold the sarong diagonally. Fold the materially diagonally in half to get a triangle shape.
  2. Wrap the sarong around your waist.
  3. Gather the two ends of the sarong and tie a knot on the side. Do a second knot to secure, then fluff out the ends of the material. This style is best used as a cover up for swimwear.
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How do you wear a pareo wrap?

Wrap pareo up high on your waist and wrap tight. TAHITIAN ROMPER

  1. Hold pareo lengthwise.
  2. Place pareo over your bust and tie the upper ends behind you.
  3. Pull lower flap back between legs and then up over hips.
  4. Tie ends at the front of your waist into a knot.

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