Readers ask: How To Pronounce Canggu Bali?

What do you say Bali in English?

In Hebrew, Baal also means, “lord” or “owner” and is also the word for “husband”. The correct pronunciation of Baal is Bah-ahl. Baal is therefore pronounced with two syllables, like the correct spelling of it, Ba’al.

How do you say air in Indonesia?

The e in Meno sounds like the e in ‘bell’, and Air is pronounced differently than the English word ‘air’. Instead, say it with a long, open ‘ah’, followed by ‘eer’.

What is Indonesian water?

Water supply and sanitation in Indonesia is characterized by poor levels of access and service quality. Almost 30 million people lack access to an improved water source and more than 70 million of the country’s 264 million population has no access to improved sanitation. Water pollution is widespread on Bali and Java.

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