FAQ: What Happened In Bali Kiss Scene?

What Happened in Bali summary?

Plot. Lee Soo-jung (Ha Ji-won) is an orphan who works as a tour guide in Bali. She has a useless brother that constantly gets into trouble and needs her to bail him out all the time. She struggles to make ends meet and aspires to be rescued out of her current predicament by a rich and wealthy man.

What Happened in Bali ending?

Jae Min comes back to his senses at the sight and runs to her completely distraught over what he had done. And the last words Soo Jung utters to him are, “I love you.” Then she dies. Now even more distraught, Jae Min goes to a beautiful beach at sunset where he sobs and then proceeds to kill himself with the gun.

In which episode does Goblin kiss?

good ol’ memories. The very first kiss between Shin and Eun-Tak in episode 6 … a kiss so pure, innocent, and naive that all the snowflakes started floating upwards.

Is there a kiss scene in Memorist?

Despite Yoo Seung Ho’s nervousness while filming the kiss scene, he manages to carry out the scene smoothly. Even the staff share their excitement while monitoring the kiss scene from the screen. The cast of “Memorist” also showcase their exceptional teamwork by dancing together.

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Where to watch what happened in Bali?

Currently you are able to watch “Something Happened in Bali” streaming on Rakuten Viki, Kocowa.

Is Goblin on VIU?

Stream and watch TV Series Goblin online with subtitles | Viu India.

How did Goblin come back to life?

Years passed and he was resurrected into an immortal goblin. Being cursed, he learned that the only way to break free and move on would be to find his destined bride. The grandson vowed that he and all of his descendants would serve Kim Shin for the rest of his immortal life.

Is Goblin worth watching?

Goblin (also known as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) is quite possibly one of the greatest K-Dramas around. Goblin is a fantasy romance story with just so much more to it than just that and is often rated a 10 out of 10 by most fans.

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